March 12, 2012

Harkness Method

I am currently rather obsessed with Exeter Math and their Harkness Method/Philosophy. I am intriqued by how simple and different it is from the likes of the Khan Academy (or rather the philosophy that seems to guide KA).

I found this great short video. I'll let it speak for itself.


More Goodness:

This is what is meant by an educational philosophy, this is what KA is missing. A "good" explanation by a teacher does not equate to real student learning. 


  1. I too have been thinking about the Exeter Harkness Table approach to math vs. the overhyped khan academy. I am so thankful to Exeter for providing the materials used in their cl asses. Why haven't more people discovered how learning mathematics in such an inquisitive, varied, interactive and interesting way is so what our educational institutions need rather than the mickey-mouse, easy-peasy video game reward approach of Khan Academy. Oh, a google on "khan academy" and "harkness" led me here!

  2. I think the Khan academy is getting more attention as its "hi-tech" and frankly easier to implement. Getting kids to sit and watch a video is simpler than fostering a classroom culture compatible with Exeter's approach.

    I have hopes that Exeter's math program will become the backbone of my school's math curriculum next year... It has to beat the horrible textbooks the program is currently based on.

    BTW - There are a great series of posts on Exeter math, in case you haven't see them, with lots of extras to download that are not otherwise readily available - all with Exeter's blessing.