January 22, 2011


Its not a new idea, but one I stumbled onto in some reading, that is telling the kids what they should know when they're done with an assignment. Thus the WYSBATDOKWYAD. In my physics class I have moved to a once a week homework with any suggested reading and other reminders listed on top of a print out. As an added bonus the paper has enough space for the students to complete the 3 or 4 problems from the textbook. 

Sometime in the middle of the first semester I started adding the WYSBATDOKWYAD.  The long acronym was mostly a joke, but it worked. The students got a laugh out of it and now remember what it means, if not word for word at least they've got the gist. So what does it mean? 

What You Should Be Able To Do Or Know When You Are Done.

I offered up extra credit if a student could improve on the acronym. So far I've only had a few weak attempts but nothing good yet...


  1. AWESOME! After 8 years of teaching high school math, I hit the reset button and moved to a new school to get a fresh start. Along with a fresh start, I have tried a few new practices. The most effective of these has been a somewhat analogous process.

    On test days, I make all my students ( <20 ) stand. They cannot sit down until they state a "nugget of truth." These consists of clear definitions, mathematics formulas, and/or strategies regarding the current unit. I hammer them on communicating it clearly. If someone fails to communicate it clearly to my approval, someone else can try state it better.

    Each student gains just a bit more confidence, and each student also gets a pretty solid review before the test. For the last few apprehensive, or non-confident students, I may have to ask a few leading questions once the "big ones" have been stated, since repeats aren't allowed.

    Now, during a lesson, I may say this is a nugget of truth, or close a lesson by asking them the nugget of truth for the day. Helps me know if I was clear or not, and also to hear the concept from the mind of a student

    now i'll go check out the rest of your blog