February 05, 2013

Independent Project Elective

This year I've been running an independent project class. Some of the kids are doing really cool things. Pin-hole camera, wind-powered generator, app development... Others are struggling with the lack of structure and the realization that when projects are not handed to you by a teacher they're hard! A few groups are a bit slippery about how much they are really getting done... Still not sure how to handle that when every project is different.

Anyways. The real reason for the this post is to beg and plead for folks to give my students real feedback that comes from someone besides their teacher! Each week (supposedly) students are creating a short blog post describing their work, any struggles and what the plan is for the next week. I decided early on that the blogs should be the student's space, while required, the posts don't need to get marked up in red ink so to speak by their teacher...

If you've got 5-10 minutes to browse the RSS feed it would be much appreciated.

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