November 06, 2012

Geogebra, Beats and Tone Generators

For one reason or another I was looking over my IB Physics site. I haven't taught IB Physics is 6 years now and so I don't spend much energy updating the site. I happened onto my page about "Beats" and found that I'd written one of those "clearly, it's obvious" type justifications with zero real justification. Oops.

I got to thinking about tone generators to build up some level of justification, but I couldn't (quickly) find a web-based one. So I turned to Geogebra. Lo and behold they have a PlaySound command. Awesome! An hour later I was able to put together the an applet which could certainly be expanded to create a more complete web-based tone generator. You've got to love them Geogebra folk.

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