May 21, 2012

Can You Guess When The IB Exam Was?

A few years back I posted my physics class notes on a wiki after an email request to keep the notes publicly available. As all good nerds do I watched the traffic with Google Analytics. I'm not here to brag, my site has seen less traffic in 4 years then a successful commercial site sees in a week, but I noticed something interesting the first May that the site was up and running... There was a huge spike in traffic for 1 or 2 days. The same happened the next year. Can you guess when the IB Physics exams are?

If we think our students aren't cramming, we're wrong.

Update: David posted the image to Dan Meyer's Man, was I wrong, it generated all kinds of questions...


  1. This would be a great graphic. Mind if I borrow it for this purpose? Unfortunately, the 101qs site doesn't make giving attribution for photos easy, but I can include your name in the first question I pose. :)

    1. I had thought the same thing but was a bit hesitant. Feel free to share away. I'd love to get a link to the post to see what questions get proposed.

      If you need a better quality file here's a link to the original (via Google Drive)